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    Workshop: A New Generation of Corruption Assessments Tools – Strengthening Local Ownership and Impact Raymond June, Global Integrity, USA

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    Workshop Coordinator: Raymond June, Global Integrity, USA
    Workshop Moderator: Joachim Nahem, UNDP
    Workshop Rapporteur: Finn Heinrich, TI

    Building on the insights of a UNDP-TI workshop at the 13th IACC on actionable corruption measurement tools (referred to as “2nd Generation tools”, as opposed to the 1st generation composite indicators, such as the CPI), the workshop will take the debate a step further by interrogating the emerging 3rd generation of tools, which are nationally/locally owned and honed to address specific national problems and issues and contrasting them with 2nd generation tools, such as the Global Integrity Index or TI’s National Integrity System approach. Both ‘generations’ of tools have their pros and cons. For the 2nd generation, a question will be raised about the extent to which they can be locally owned and have impact, whereas for the 3rd generation, the key question will be to what extent they can be useful beyond their “original context”.

    The workshop will feature presentations from several organisations across the world which have been developing and implementing these tools, as well as from external experts, and will seek to identify the success criteria of these tools in terms of offering solutions for policy reform. Therefore, the workshop will address directly the conference’s focus on solutions in fighting corruption.


    Raymond June, Global Integrity, USA

    Valts Kalnins, Centre for Public Policy, Latvia

    Joel Turkewitz, World Bank

    Elizabeth Ungar, Transparencia por Colombia

    Paul van Hoof, IDASA

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